Work at Zaimella isn’t just about operating a diaper production machine, inventing a baby’s shampoo formula, managing finances, or engaging in advertising or marketing. Work at Zaimella implies something bigger which is bringing to life our great dream of making personal care products accessible to everyone, making it possible for every home to have convenient products of excellent quality.

Learn about the three main characteristics

of our work culture.
1. We're passionate about challenges

At Zaimella, we’re not afraid of challenges because we firmly believe that obstacles are always opportunities to learn and be better every day. This is why we look for professionals who stand out for their high performance, are willing to face constant challenges, are passionate to do things right, and are committed to results.

2. We're a great learning place

At Zaimella, you’ll never stop learning, you’ll find out what you are capable of, and will be surrounded by talented professionals, learning day-by-day not only from your area but also from everyone at Zaimella.

3. Clear objectives and efficient work methodologies

At Zaimella, you’ll always be clear about your goals and how they contribute to the expected company’s results year after year. Having a clear objective to reach will help you improve your performance and grow professionally every day. You’ll have access to systems and work methodologies that will allow you to effectively organize your time and precisely measure your results. With these tools, you’ll be able to focus on the essentials, develop your abilities, and make the most out of your knowledge.

Employees Testimonials

"My growth here at Zaimella has been fast compared to working in a regular company. I believe that this has happened not only because of the trust that the company has given me but also because of my commitment and professionalism.

During this growth, I’ve always felt supported both by the team and the work tools necessary to face the day-to-day. Zaimella has never left me alone when facing new challenges and responsibilities.

Personally, I see Zaimella as a good company because it’s very organized and focused on doing the right things and doing them right. Here we always look forward to improving, thus allowing us to learn a lot."
"My career path at Zaimella is quite long but very fulfilling. I’ve been here for about 17 years and have never stopped learning something new. Zaimella has a work culture where “we improve what we do little by little every day”, focused on innovation and continuous improvement.

In my case, the continuous learning results from my daily interaction with several company areas in our country and subsidiaries abroad, thus allowing knowledge expansion. It's comprehensive learning, which of course also requires us to be proactive and have a research-based nature to be able to contribute.

If you want to grow and learn, Zaimella is the company for you. Here, there’s always work to do and the dynamism we put into our work makes it fun.

Zaimella has taken huge steps since its foundation and all of its employees have grown together with it."
"I was born and raised in Machala, but after being fired by the company where I worked, I came to Quito looking for something new. At Zaimella, I found a great job with opportunities for growth and learning. Zaimella is much more than just a job, it’s my second home. The company has given me the skills and tools to build a better future for my children and me, who can now go to the university.

Zaimella is, without question, a serious company, which is always up to date with its employees and that gives us all peace of mind. Having that kind of stability is important.

I’ll keep working here a few more years, delivering the required production, always responsible and on time as Zaimella is towards me."