At Zaimella we innovate through the use of internal work methodologies that allow us to question our processes. We understand that what we do today may not work tomorrow thus the need evolve continuously.

To execute these methodologies, we have a dedicated team of people responsible for evaluating and improving our competitiveness, not only at the level of development of new products but the operation of each and every area of the company.


At Zaimella, we innovate through our business architecture or DNA, a work methodology on which all our know-how is based.

Learn more about our DNA in the following video.



The Cluster is a structure within our organization that simulates a startup. Its purpose is to innovate and improve the company’s way of working. People in charge of the area, know the operation in detail and are exclusively dedicated to the execution of projects.

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It is parallel to the functional structure and is made up of key people who have a solid knowledge of the business.
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It is a structure created to combat the tendency of people to work only on daily activities, leaving behind significant long-term improvements.
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It is dynamic, with a vision of change and sense of urgency while maintaining a synergistic relationship with the organization and all its areas.

Through this dual system, we innovate at Zaimella: The functional areas reach the day-to- day numbers and perform gradual and predictable changes, working through our DNA – Business Architecture, while the Cluster prepares the organization for the future executing projects.

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