Our Belief

We believe that the world would be better if we weren’t afraid to change it. For this reason, at Zaimella we embrace challenges and the lessons they bring. This belief strengthens our stakeholders and us every day.

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Our Values

With the belief that the world would be better if we weren’t afraid to change it, we define our five main values. They represent what is most important to us and guide our decisions and behaviors. Learn about them below:

1. We challenge ourselves constantly and are passionate about doing the right things highlighting beauty: We face obstacles excited by the growth and learning that they leave us. Doing the right things and seeking excellence and beauty, drives and fuels us with energy.

2. Committed to our results and resources: We protect our assets because they reflect our accomplishments, and commit ourselves to the results to always keep alive our value proposition.

3. We support our stakeholders’ development: We trust our stakeholders and value the great team we build together. Our allies are fundamental in our success formula because we know that if we work together, we can achieve much more.

4. We build our reputation on everything we do every day: Our reputation is the result of our decisions, reflects the trust we’ve earned, and enables our constant growth. We strive for coherence and protect our actions’ results.

5. If we can’t measure it, we can’t improve it: We know that what is great today, may not be tomorrow. That’s why we measure everything we do and challenge it tomorrow with innovations and new fulfilled goals.

Our Culture Model

People are like companies, each one has its way of acting, making decisions, and behaving. If we ask ourselves, what makes one company different from another? The answer is its culture.

Learn how we understand the culture in Zaimella and accomplish coherence between what we think, say, and do.


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