Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility chapter is based on the following principles:

-We believe that our main social program comes from:
  • Being an important source of direct and indirect employment.
  • Commitment to the development of our stakeholder specially our employees, customers, suppliers, the community and all private and public institutions related to us.
  • Contribution to the country trade balance with our exports and reducing imports through our local manufacturing.
  • Investments in our industrial park and our production capacity.
  • Correct and on time payment of our taxes and obligations with all control entities.
  • Being responsible to the environment and complying with all legal regulations.
-Any social program supported by Zaimella should last and be sustainable in the long term.
-We always try to incorporate any social program into our business value chain.
-We don’t make spot donations. We look for social projects with mutual benefit.
-Our social responsibility program is never done for advertising purposes.

Some examples of our Social Responsibility programs:

1. Support to an orphanage in Quito-Ecuador

Children represent the future and we want to support children that are in need. We have developed a long-term relationship with this institution. They help more than one hundred children who have been abandoned by their parents.

We make an annual contribution to support them and provide them with all of our personal care products. In return, they have allowed us to maintain a quality laboratory in their baby care section where we can validate our products and keep improving them.

Professional nurses from Zaimella train their people on how to better use our products. We are also able to recover all used diapers to make an after-use performance and quality tests. New developments are born here where we collect important feedback from our nurses and use it to learn and improve our products.

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"Through this program, we've been able to enhance our product (baby diaper), adapt it better to every child's anatomy, and improved its barriers and tapes. We've even received information that has helped us to develop new and better products. But more than anything, we’re proud that this quality improvement is also an aid for all these children that have allowed us to support them and be part of their development and growth."
"The collaboration we receive from Zaimella every month is essential because it helps us save time, spend less on staff, and keep the babies clean."

If you want to know more details about this program, please watch this video:


2. Pototin franchises: A new distribution channel

50% of the diaper market in Ecuador is composed of thousands of mom & pop stores focused on personal and home care products. They are all small, informal and independently owned stores.

Since the beginning we opened a small retail store in our factory to sell our line of products and to experience interaction with customers. This experience together with a market of disorganized and dispersed mom-and-pop stores, led us to create a chain of retail stores managed as franchises. We trained small entrepreneurs without business experience and integrated into the Zaimella business. Today this distribution channel reaches more than 100 retail stores and it contributes an important share of our sales. These entrepreneurs also provide us with unparalleled national coverage and help us to control and stabilize an important portion of the market.

Pañaleras Pototin - Zaimella Ecuador

Franchisee Testimonials

"I started working as a security guard at Zaimella and saw franchisees coming to the company every day... then I dared to ask if I could submit my application and they explained how it worked. That is how I started with Pototin... From what I was before becoming a franchisee to what I’m now, there is a big change... today I feel a liberated person, free, I feel I can give employment to other people, I can expand... No doubt this is very good business. I'm already preparing to open a second location. This is the best decision of my life."
"I was a domestic worker since the age of 14, then I met my partner and had two children... it was difficult for me to work as a maid with my children at home, so I resigned and decided to start my diaper store. I was scared, I didn’t have money, I didn’t know how to pay bills and handle tax issues... but little by little, with Pototin's help, I moved forward and now I want to open my second store. I’ll continue in this business for as long as I can... God willing my daughter will be a good student, so I could teach her this business which helped me become who I’m now. Today I feel calm, confident, and with desire and enthusiasm to move forward."

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