Social Responsibility

At Zaimella, we’re convinced that social development must be sustainable to generate a significant impact in the future. We don’t believe in short-term aid, instead we’re committed to a real and in-depth development. Since our beginning, we’ve been helping the community through social programs, plans, and actions that last over time and have been improved and developed year after year.

How do we achieve this?

Learn about the three fundamental pillars of our social responsibility model:
1. Win-win relationship

All our social programs and actions look forward to creating a win-win relationship between the company and the community to which we’re giving back and helping to develop.

2. Integration into our value chain

Social responsibility at Zaimella is fundamental and thus integrated into our value chain. While generating social development, we contribute to our business and reach our company goals.

3. Coherence with Zaimella's Culture

It’s fundamental for us that all our social actions go hand in hand and are coherent with elements of our culture such as: continuous improvement, commitment to quality, permanent search for our consumers’ convenience, constant and sustainable development of our stakeholders, and the belief that the world would be better, if we weren’t afraid to change it.

We have two emblematic programs that have been evolving and improving according to our social responsibility model:

1. Support to the “San Vicente de Paul” foster home:

Children are the future of society and we want to support the development of those who need it the most. And how is this a win-win relationship? Why is this social responsibility program sustainable? The answer is simple: This social aid is integrated into our value chain. We provide the foster home with economic support and personal care products, and in return, we’ve developed together a quality control lab to constantly evaluate and measure our products’ performance in real time. With the information collected from the lab, we contribute to continuous improvement and assure our commitment to quality.

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"Through this program, we've been able to enhance our product (baby diaper), adapt it better to every child's anatomy, and improved its barriers and tapes. We've even received information that has helped us to develop new and better products. But more than anything, we’re proud that this quality improvement is also an aid for all these children that have allowed us to support them and be part of their development and growth."
"The collaboration we receive from Zaimella every month is essential because it helps us save time, spend less on staff, and keep the babies clean."

If you want to know more details about this program, please watch this video:


2. Chain of franchisees

At Zaimella, we’re convinced that the best way to obtain social development is by generating job opportunities, and above all, entrepreneurship and business development. We accomplish this through our Pototin diapers’ chain stores. This is the classic example of a social aid that doesn’t give away the fish but instead teaches how to catch it. Pototin works through a network of franchisees, our strategic allies who receive all our know-how, training, and constant advice for the improvement and growth of their stores. We’ve grown by providing entrepreneurial opportunities to society, and today we’re present throughout Ecuador and have plans for international expansion.

Pañaleras Pototin - Zaimella Ecuador

Franchisee Testimonials

"I started working as a security guard at Zaimella and saw franchisees coming to the company every day... then I dared to ask if I could submit my application and they explained how it worked. That is how I started with Pototin... From what I was before becoming a franchisee to what I’m now, there is a big change... today I feel a liberated person, free, I feel I can give employment to other people, I can expand... No doubt this is very good business. I'm already preparing to open a second location. This is the best decision of my life."
"I was a domestic worker since the age of 14, then I met my partner and had two children... it was difficult for me to work as a maid with my children at home, so I resigned and decided to start my diaper store. I was scared, I didn’t have money, I didn’t know how to pay bills and handle tax issues... but little by little, with Pototin's help, I moved forward and now I want to open my second store. I’ll continue in this business for as long as I can... God willing my daughter will be a good student, so I could teach her this business which helped me become who I’m now. Today I feel calm, confident, and with desire and enthusiasm to move forward."

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