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Baby Care
Banner imageToallas posparto y protectores de lactancia de Maternity - Zaimella
Feminine Care
Desmaquillantes y cuidado de la piel Opus Z33 - ZaimellaDesmaquillantes y cuidado de la piel Opus Z33 - Zaimella
Skin Care
Pañales y pañitos para el adulto mayor Prudential - ZaimellaPañales y pañitos para el adulto mayor Prudential - Zaimella
Adult Care
Banner imagePapel Higiénico Húmedo - Pompifresh - Zaimella
Family Care
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Personal Protective Care
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Pet Care

International Presence

At Zaimella, we look forward to expanding around the world through our factories and distributors in Latin America and the United States.


"An innovative company is a company with innovative processes."
Giovanni Di Mella, CEO Zaimella.

At Zaimella, we create the future through the Cluster. Discover how we do it

At Zaimella, we guarantee our long-term competitiveness through our DNA. Learn more


People are one of the most valuable resources a company has. At Zaimella we're always looking for committed, hard-working and passionate employees to join us.

When your job
is making quality in personal care
accessible for everyone,
you are a hero.

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