At Zaimella, from the start, we took on a great challenge:

Making quality in personal care available for everyone.
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Baby Care
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Feminine Care
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Skin Care
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Adult Care
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Family Care
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Pet Care

International Presence

At Zaimella, we look forward to reach more and more households with our products, expanding our dream of making quality in personal care available for everyone with distributors in Latin America and production plants both in Latin America and the United States.


“An innovative company is a company with innovative processes”
Giovanni Di Mella, CEO Zaimella.


One of the most valuable resources that a company has is its employees. For this reason, at Zaimella we are constantly looking for committed and passionate allies to join our great dream of making quality available for everyone.

When you work
making quality in personal care
available for everyone,
your job is that of a hero.

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