“An innovative company is a company with innovative processes”

Giovanni Di Mella. CEO Zaimella

Our key business processes are deeply studied by our senior leaders. As a result, best practices and methodologies are developed. Controls are established and supported with technological tools that provide timely and accurate information that allow us to make wise decisions and constantly improve our operational efficiency.
We are committed to the development of methodologies that create our best practices about how to operate our business. These methodologies form the foundation of our culture: We improve what we do, little by little every day.

DNA: Our main methodology

Our DNA is the foundation of all these methodologies because it allows us to operate with strategic clarity, a well-defined culture and a standardized management system. These three pillars enable us to focus on the important things: improving our know-how, managing our evolution and maintaining our sustainability.
In order to support this methodology, we have developed a DNA web-based portal to document our evolving strategy, culture and management system.



The strategy is one of three pillars of a company’s DNA. Formulating a strategy involves picking the best options, setting a course, prioritizing and mobilizing the organization towards a common goal. The strategy is key for keeping the company competitive and assuring its success in the long term. To learn more, watch this video.


Management System

Once the company’s strategy and culture are defined, we must design the Management System. The Management System is a key pillar that allows the company to implement the strategy and promote the patterns of behavior that will shape its culture.

To design the company’s Management System, we must establish the key business processes and organizational structure. To learn more, watch this video:



An innovative company understands that there are hundreds of good ideas, the difficult thing is to execute and transform them into reality.
In 2015, in order to take on all the projects needed to improve our management system and to prepare for our growth, we created the Cluster. This was a new unit specializing in project management within the company. Its mission is to provide service and to support to all functional areas in charge of the day to day operations. This Cluster is composed of a team of experts who manage different types of high-level projects required for the expansion and improvement of our business.

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