Our Culture

“We improve what we do, little by little every day”.

Our Why

We are inspired by the conviction that the world would be better if we weren’t afraid to change it. This belief energizes us to face new challenges with optimism and a winning attitude.


Our corporate values

Our corporate values ​​were carefully selected as they represent the most important principles that guide us to act, make decisions and behave, especially in those moments of truth within the organization.

1. We challenge ourselves and are passionate about doing things well and beautifully: We face adversity with an open mind in order to absorb the knowledge it offers, and we use each opportunity to improve and be a better company. Making high quality personal care products, seeking excellence and finding beauty energize us.

2. We are a results-oriented organization: Companies are perfectly designed to achieve the results they get. Our strong commitment to the company goals reflects our focus on the results. “Don’t tell me about the labor pains – just show me the baby”.

3. We support the development of our stakeholders: We believe that our stakeholders should be emotionally and rationally connected to our dreams and goals. If we care for them and help them to grow together with us, we will be a stronger and better company.

4. We build our reputation on everything we do on a daily basis: Our reputation is the sum of all our decisions, and it reflects our credibility. Walking the talk is a commitment towards healthy growth and our future sustainability.

5. If we can’t measure it, we can’t improve it: Measuring is the first step in the challenge we face every day to keep improving. Measuring give us the data we need to make the right decisions.

Our Culture Model

People are all unique and have different beliefs. The same happens with companies, each one has its own way to make decisions, to act and to behave. The organizational culture is what differentiates one company from another.
The culture is not created or born alone, the culture is formed with the patterns of behavior that are encouraged or discouraged by the company through its decisions on a daily basis.

At Zaimella we shape our culture using several elements:

  • A Management System that support our values.
  • Symbols that remind our values.
  • The Behaviors of the main leaders that clearly demonstrate our values.
  • The Why that creates the emotional connection with our stakeholders.

Our Symbols

Some phrases that decorate our walls and help remind us our values:

Image module
  • Companies are perfectly designed to achieve the results they obtain.
  • Good luck occurs when preparation is on the path of opportunity.
  • If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it and if you don’t encourage it, you don’t make it.
  • When you think you have all the answers, life comes and changes your questions.
  • A large wall is built one block at a time.
  • Only when we stop feeling fear is when we begin to live.
  • I have no strength to give up.
  • If you let go all your fears, you will have more space to live all your dreams.
  • We lose many things, for fear of losing.
  • There is no favorable wind for those who do not know where to go.

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