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We are passionate about Personal Care products because we recognize the impact that their quality can have on a family: from changing a diaper, bathing your child, breastfeeding your baby … even facilitating a dignified life to your grandparents, removing make-up after a long day of work and have a joyful sharing with your pets … all these moments are important for us because we know that they are important for our consumers.

Baby Care

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“Childys Para mi Bebé” believes that every mother has a natural instinct and a unique emotional connection with their children that allows them to understand them and be their best mom.

“Childys Para mi Bebé” products are developed with exclusive formulas based on natural extracts that care for and protect the skin and hair of babies at every stage and moment of their lives, from their birth until they become more grown-up children.

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Panolini believes that a mother’s peace of mind and happiness are untouchable.

For this reason, Panolini develops diapers and baby wipes that provide protection, comfort and softness to babies from the very first day.

With Panolini, babies are protected and moms are relieved.

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Pompis is the diaper inspired by multi-tasking moms, those who absorb everything and who achieve, thanks to their effort and sacrifice, that their children are better prepared to face the adversities of life and be more successful people.

That is why Pompis joins in their daily struggle offering them the most convenient product: with great absorption, soft and breathable fabric, perfect fit and fun designs of The Flintstones.

Baby hygiene and care products from Pompis are marketed in the Caribbean and Central America under the Guarracino brand.

Adult Care

Prudential believes that reaching the senior years is to reach the best stage of life. For this reason, it develops and offers the best products for adults to live well and enjoy this wonderful stage.

Prudential offers incontinence care products with the best performance.

Feminine Care

Maternity believes that being a mother is the most noble and unselfish act that exists and thanks to which there is a future.

That is why it develops care products specialized in providing protection and care to women during their maternal period.

Family Care

Pompifresh believes that happiness should be our natural state since we were all born to be happy.

That is why it develops the only wet toilet wipes, with natural components that will help you to feel comfortable, fresh and without irritations.

People who have tried Pompifresh cannot stop using it.

Skin Care

OpusZ33 believes that if the skin of a woman’s face is fine, she will reflect this wellbeing in her joy, beauty, state of mind, health of spirit, and self-esteem.

This is why it develops and makes available to all women, exclusive formulas for complexion skin care in a natural way.

Pet Care

Dodi believes that pets can be as special and important as any other member of the family, so it wants the coexistence with them to be comfortable, cheerful and free from worries.

Dodi offers pet care products as absorbent protectors or training mats.

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